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Lonely Night
Tuesday, 28 February 2017 • 12:04 • 0 comments

In the lonely night, I can't sleep because of you.
Another one of my sleepless night, I must endure it once more.
I keep thinking about you.
I'm fuckin' wait for you and what? You just left me. Stupid me because I fall for you.
Am I too easy for you?
You know what?
Everyday I keep waiting for you
So I can tell that 'I love you'.

When new morning comes,
I'm still lying in the bed because I lost in my daydream again.
Can I make that dream become reality?
You and me.
Become real? With our memories that you left behind...
But why...
You left me?
You make me want to blame you.
You make me hate you.
You're such a coward person.
If you're really don't want me live in your life, just tell!
It is so hard to tell?
At least I know that you'll leave me.
So I'll not keep waiting for you.
You know what?
Its hard. Really hard.
You're like hurting me twice.
I always do the right things to keep you.
But you...
Still leaving me.
And I...
Still live in the lonely night.

inspired by- lonely night; taeyeon

First time listening taeyeon's first album (The voice) and its so freaking good! I'm not fine hmmm bcs i really love the vibe and the songs!


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